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Astronauts to launch on SpaceX

I've always been a space nut. Probably because my dad was a certified rocket scientist. He had a career with NASA that spanned 30 years. He started with the Gemini program and retired just before the Shuttle docked with the Russian Mir space station. Undoubtedly, I inherited the math/computer gene from him. I think I'm going to do a longer post about him later on. 

As for now, I'm really looking forward to this week's launch of SpaceX's manned Dragon capsule. It's been, what, about a decade since the US has launched astronauts on its own vehicle? At least. 

As of now, I guess there's only a 60% chance of a launch due to bad weather over the Cape. I'll be watching anyway. 

Godspeed, Ad Astra as they say in the space biz. Which is a really cool, nerdy way of saying good luck. 

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