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Goals Goals Goals for jwcoenartist.com

I've ignored my store. I want to remedy that. I've been regularly posting on Instagram @jwcoenmathart, but need to also post more in my store. Most of the material I've read says that marketing activities for artists usually take up half of their working time. I have fallen short of that. So, my main goal out of the four is to spend more time on this web site. I've created many new pieces of art that I'd like to share here, but first my goals.

1) Blog post at least once a week. Shopify has a scheduling feature that I used to take advantage of that I neglected.

2) Upload images of my most current projects and offer prints.

3) Research pricing. I haven't sold and I think it's because of my price structure. Plus, not posting regularly will not generate traffic.

4) Learn more about Google SEO and implement what I learn.

So that's it for now. Four obtainable goals. Now to put them in action!

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