New Works in Work

New works in work? Not very clever. Ah, well. I do have more things coming. 

Since so much is left up to chance and the computer's random actions, one cool thing about generative art is that I never really know the result n advance of running a program. I do reject many images, but the ones I keep I think are very artistic and hopefully different. Of course, all are unique. Once the program is finished, it can never duplicate the end result again. The one accompanying this blog entitled "Another Strange Day in Austin" is an example. 

First, a whole series of generative art astronauts. Prints definitely, maybe on shirts, too. Will post a preview on Instagram when ready.

Second, for sports fans, a series on the big three sports: football, basketball and baseball. I'm really excited how these came out. Will post a preview on Instagram as well.

I also have many more abstracts to add as well. Mostly wall prints, I'm thinking. 

I've been taking advantage of the time at home making art. Now, I think I need to put more effort in putting it out there! One of my goals is to coordinate my Instagram posts with blog updates. So far, I haven't been, but hopefully....


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