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The worst critic and most delusional supporter? Me.

I am my worst critic and my most delusional supporter. How in the world do I know when I’m getting something right? How do I learn to trust my own filter? 


Throw it out there. I know, I know, the worse thing than bad critiques are no critiques. And every idiot on the internet or wherever thinks they have an informed opinion, including what is often times the biggest idiot of all, me. 


But how can I tell which critiques are legit and which ones aren’t? What criteria are they using to form their opinion?  Even experts are wrong sometimes, right? But they can be right, too. How to tell?


More importantly, why should I care? 


Well, I want to improve. I have fun creating things. And it’s fun playing, yes, that’s what I do, I get to play, within the restrictions of a particular style of art. I have a cubist drawing of a train crossing a road here. To my knowledge, it may be the only cubist train out there. It sure is red. Here’s a link:




Time helps. I can put something away for a awhile and when I take it back out, the tiny imperfections that bugged the hell out of me before, don’t now. Or, I see some thing that I totally didn’t see in a previous viewing that needs correcting. And that correcting is a neat puzzle to figure out. I have a Bob Ross t-shirt, a gift from my son, that says “Ever make mistakes in life? Let’s make them birds. Yeah, they’re birds, now.”

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