• Gray vs. Grey in Color with 4 Different Perspectives on Aliens

    Gray vs. Grey in Color four perspectives on aliens: what blue sees aliens as, what red sees aliens as, what red and blue used to see alines as, and how aliens see themselves.
  • Any Fuzzy Mutants in your life?

    Any fuzzy mutants in your life who like cars and cartoons, and well, the fuzzy mutants who drive them?   Just in time for gift giving, check out th...
  • Gray vs. Grey in Color under the Ice of Europa

    Behold the teeming life that lives under the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa. Since sunlight cannot penetrate the ten miles of ice, any illumination would have to come from the tidally heated rocks or creatures themselves. What delicacies await? A Gray vs. Grey in Color web comic.
  • Digital artwork on and an iPhone case

    I have another site in which I offer some of my digital artwork on products;

    How about an iPhone case?

    iPhone case on decorated with jwcoenmath art circle pattern.
  • My abstract digital work

    I'm not only a cartoonist, but I dabble in abstract digitally created art, as well.

    To check out some of my abstract digital works on products, click here:

    To see my work on Instagram, click here:

  • Gray vs. Grey in Color - Mrs. Z'larg

    In a Gray vs. Grey in Color single panel comic is a scene reminiscient of the movie the Graduate. A naive spaceman in a spacesuit framed by a tentacle shaped like a woman's leg, asks "Mrs. Z'larg are you trying to seduce me?"

    Link to t-shirt selection:

  • Gray vs. Grey in Color on the 3 Laws of Robotics

    In a Gray vs. Grey in Color cartoon, a robot squishes a roach robot because there is no law in Asimov's 3 laws of robotics that explicitly stands against robots killing other robots. Of course, the roach robots want revenge.
  • Gray vs. Grey in Color presents the Two Genies: Peter and Max

    Two genies drawn in a Peter Max, psychedelic style face each other in profile. The green optimistic Peter says "Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." The blue cynic Max responds, "But, if you don't achieve escape velocity you'll just crash back on earth if you don't burn up on re-entry, first."
  • Gray vs. Grey in Color and the Great Blue Stone Monolith Alien Part 11

    Gray vs. Grey in Color and the Great Blue Stone Monolith Alien Part 11. Life is a mystery and life after death is even a greater one, but what does the monolith know? He's just an ancient pizza oven. The levitating acolyte being from an alien desert does not know what a pizza is. The monolith tells him he's about to find out and hopes he likes the cactus toppings.....
  • Santa Claus visits Gray vs. Grey in Color

    Santa Claus in all of his Peter Max, Heinz Edelmann, Milton Glaser inspired style visited Gray vs. Grey in Color and dropped new greeting cards, Christmas tree ornaments, and wrapping paper in the store, just in time for your Holiday needs! Please checkout our Holiday Collection here: Holiday Collection
  • How about a Jeepasaurus coffee mug?

    Any jeep fans in your life? Perfect Jeepasaraus mug for a gift.
    Hand not included.
  • Gray vs. Gray in Color - Big Crowd of Aliens

    In a Gray vs. Grey in Color web comic cartoon panel, with a crowd of colorful aliens in the background, one alien says the the other, "Big crowd. I hope we brought enough humans to probe."

    Link to coffee mug: