• Old lives

    I’m a grey 56 year-old quickly approaching elderly status, if not already there, so I’d like to take this post to focus on two events regarding the elderly for a moment.
  • Generative Music, Fractal Music, 1/f music

    Generative methods, algorithms and mathematical ways to factor in chance and randomness, can produce music as well as visual artwork.
  • Open letter to those forwarding the C. Owens video on Facebook

    Open letter to those forwarding the C. Owens video on Facebook
  • Astronauts to launch on SpaceX

    I've always been a space nut. Probably because my dad was a certified rocket scientist. He had a career with NASA that spanned 30 years. He started...
  • Modern day, hard hearted pharaohs

    Anyone else get the feeling we in the US of A are living a modern tale out of the Old Testament complete with hard hearted pharaohs, plagues like t...
  • New Shirts Added to Store

    Several new unisex shirt design collections added to the store this weekend
  • Houston Food Bank

    Donate to Houston Food Bank
  • Modern art take on astronauts and new logo

    Modern art take on astronauts on posters, canvas wraps and T-shirts
  • New Works in Work

    New works in work? Not very clever. Ah, well. I do have more things coming.  Since so much is left up to chance and the computer's random actions,...
  • New Reality

    In one of my previous posts, I referred to the coronavirus now ravaging the world as the Wuhan virus. This was in error. My apologies. Been a while...
  • Wolfram's cellular automata

    My dad, a certified rocket scientist, played a card game with my sister and I when we were growing up called “God and the Scientists”.
  • Sneakers no longer

    Sneakers no longer available due to Wuhan virus.